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How we were found on the Internet
Catholic church in new sex abuse row
Putting the Stop to RSM: (Religiously Sanctioned Molestation)
Washington DC Archdiocese Settles With Clergy-Abuse Victims
Creditors committee formed in diocese bankruptcy
Ellisons want accountability for son's death, file lawsuit
Grand Jury Report on the Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clergy
The Bishops at Bay
It's Time For A RICO Prosecution of the Catholic Church:
findings of the Grand Jury: how dozens of priests sexually abused hundreds of children
Jim Lyttle
Borderline Personalilty Disorder and Sexual Abuse
Reporting Guidelines
Crime and criminal justice statistics
Crime statistics

Give us Aussie kids a
Reporting Guidelines
The Many Forms of Terrorism
What constitutes harm to a child?
Mr Donohue
New York archdiocese to close 21 parishes
SNAP Calls for Diocese to Release Clergy Abuser Names
Church's woes a boon for screeners
He inspires fear in the church, hope for victims
S.C. Catholic Diocese to Settle Claims
Diocese to pay out $12 million in abuses
You Carry the Cure In Your Own Heart
USA - Organizations Concerned with Child Maltreatment
'Bottleneck' slows brain activity
Child Sex Offender Treatment
The Australian Anti-Stalking and threat Website
Hierarchy in Denial
Secrecy called a Vatican mind-set
Diocese settles sex-abuse case - Honolulu

Sexual Abuse And The Orthodox
Their struggle put a face on clergy abuse
Lost Greek boy 'may be sex victim'
Bellevue report: Assistant pastor
he Ferns Report
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Priest trial delayed for 33rd time
Judge orders inquiry into diocese abuse case
Action & acceptance
Victims - calculated
Yours, mine and Australia's children
Nicholas Baltinos - NetFM
An end to diocesan “gamesmanship”
Valued contacts
The Fortunate Country
Stirring up a debate that never goes away
Organized Child Prostitution and Child Pornography in Victoria
20 N.J. Men Allege Sexual Abuse By Lutheran Pastor
Child sex abuse by Protestant clergy difficult to document
More than 10 allege sexual abuse by deceased Dubois priest
Diocese accused of ignoring complaints of teacher's sexual advances
Hidden away in the Senate Hansard, 29/5/98, p3541, is a speech by Senator Bill Heffernan (Lib N.S.W.).
Anglican school's former students tell of brainwashing, abuse
Lawyer told to pay $24,310
Plaintiff: Diocese settlement won't stop 'vicious cycle'
McCormack victim to get $1.65 million
MATTERS OF PUBLIC INTEREST: Children: Sexual Assault
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OUTRAGEOUS - Australian women legally abused by an Australian court recently
Keep alive
hEditing 1323
hEditing 1323
Video evidence
Justin Hadley
War Tactics Should Be Applied to Abusers and to Those Who Offered Protection By Mike Ference
RE: coming forward - Cardinal Pell
How we were found on the Internet
How we were found on the Internet
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