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Protecting kids the responsibility of all adults
Adult ADHD 'not treated properly'
Catholic diocese pays $1.2 million in cases
Spokane sex abuse bankruptcy case settled for $48 million
Priest up for sexual abuse
Priest 'couldn't control lust'
Priest faces more sex charges
Stockton Diocese subject of abuse lawsuits
New molest case against ex-LA priest
Web plea rescues Canadian child
France probes 'cannibalism' case
Catholic church pilfering prolific
Sex Abuse Victims to Hold 54 Vigils on Anniversary of Catholic Sex Scandal
Bishop spins parish departure
Archdiocese settles sex claims for $1.6 million
Lay group marks five years of battling Boston Archdiocese
Spokane diocese reaches settlement
Catholic diocese pays $1.2 million in cases
Vigil spotlights abuse by clergy
Clergy abuse survivors hold march, panel talk
Forty years later, former altar boys settle lawsuit against Diocese
Lay Catholic group marks 5 years of battling Boston Archdiocese over church abuse
Voice of the Faithful
Faithful raise their voices in call for reform
Catholic Church Says Group's Claims Not True
Priest removed as sexual allegations surface
Utah's new Catholic bishop: 'Gifted, zealous' pastor
Flurry of collaboration allegations in Polish archbishop affair
Another priest removed after 1971 sex abuse
Archdiocese settles 15 Catholic clergy abuse cases for almost $1.6 million
Services for victim/survivors of sexual assault Identifying needs, interventions and provision of services in Australia
Clergy abuse victims call for reform
Aware ACSSA Newsletter No. 7 June 2005
Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse: some things we would like you to understand
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Child Pornography Exists on the Internet
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
The Awareness Center, Inc. - is the Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault (JCASA)
Clergy sexual misconduct: What's being done to rein in abuse?
Awareness Center and other blogs draw praise and scorn
How one Boston synagogue met the challenge of the cantor's sexual abuse
Is molestation being swept underneath the Eruv?
Davenport Diocese extends abuse reporting pledge by four years
Vatican Sex Abuse Lawsuit Allowed
Total awareness beyond the news
Reining in abuse
Protecting our Children Reducing child sex offending
Sex fiends' job scandal
Christopher Pearson: Secret policeman's fall
Cardinal’s message on 5th anniversary of abuse crisis
Despite Reforms, Scars Remain from Clergy Abuse
'She has no rights, she belongs to me'
The world is their cloister
Abuse lawsuits filed against Diocese of Stockton
Holiday Hypocrisy
Judge: Men can seek damages from church
Anger over escaped sex offenders
Child offender job ban 'working'
Out of control
Indigenous justice call
Qld police save Canadian abuse victim
Sex fiends' job scandal
FORMER wards of the state will be granted free access to key state government services under a landmark multimillion-dollar pla
Church bars raped women from pill
Man charged with rape of seven-year-old
Compo scope widens
Child sex victim to pay
Judge: Men can seek damages from church
Child sex victim to pay
Court orders closure of paedophile website
School right to sack 'too touchy' teacher

Archbishop resigns after spying allegations
Officials to probe children killings
48 Patel patients denied payouts
This person belongs to a group known as demonstrators of paraphilia
Court lets sect kids see dad, but not TV
Public shame file plea
Green light for abuse lawsuit against Holy See
Life's underdogs always had a friend in Father Joe
Judge rules against S.D. diocese in 2 abuse cases
Pedophile priest thought confession would erase sins, conference hears
Priest blames girls for abuse he caused
Reining in abuse Where does the buck stop?
Awareness Center a clearinghouse of concern - and controversy
Anger over escaped sex offenders
Child offender job ban 'working'
Wayward Clergy: Is it Rampant or an Aberration?
Judge sets trials for numerous SoCal clergy abuse cases
Washington clergy abuse settlement gets 1st OK
Is there a double standard for clergy?
Church has much to do to restore trust, Boston cardinal says on sex-abuse scandal’s 5th
Mass. Diocese Ordered to Release Sex Abuse Documents to Insurers
Insurers win access to church documents
Judge orders Springfield Diocese to release documents to insurers
Victims of Clergy Abuse Wrestle with Faith, Past
No more delays
Diocese facing 3 new lawsuits
In world awash in lies, religion and journalism hold key to truth
Abuse scandals damage religion
Fall River Diocese still in dark ages of financial disclosure
The embezzlement plate
Initial trial in S.D. church-abuse cases is delayed
Washington clergy abuse settlement gets 1st OK
Child abuse link to future health
Medics 'under-report child abuse'
'1m children' face home violence
Is Orthodoxy Confronting Abuse?
Lawsuit alleges sexual abuse in Peoria diocese
Clergy Sex Abuse
McMurry & Associates Win Ruling Against Vatican
Pedophile confesses to more
Opening books enhances trust
Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed Against Priest Convicted Of Killing Nun
Clergy misconduct
Priest blames girls for abuse he caused
Pedophile priest thought confession would erase sins, conference hears
William Donohue, president of Catholic League
'Boy abused for being disruptive'
Former Christian brother pleads guilty to abuse
The bishop’s last move
'Hand of God' again.
Since when has rod meant beating children?
IRS wants receipts for tithes, offerings
Tackling the divorce issue
America's reel pain
Retired Ont. priest who pleaded guilty to sex assaults dies
Israel's Katsav faces rape charge
Psychologist 'forced bulimic client to wear dog collar'
Boys stripped 'for tick check'
Baptist churches more vulnerable to clergy sex abuse, experts say
Retired Canadian priest who pleaded guilty to numerous sexual assaults dies
Disgraced priest dies a prisoner
Priest's death bittersweet for his abuse victims
Judge dismisses abuse case against Diocese of San Diego
Prosecutor urges unified voice
You Carry the Cure In Your Own Heart
Judge rules against S.D. diocese in 2 abuse cases
Life's underdogs always had a friend in Father Joe
KMBH pulls plug on documentary
Reining in abuse
Week of prayer has done little to unite Christians
Examining the abuse-control system
Missouri Baptist pastor sentenced to 20 years for child sex-abuse
Child abuse reports double in four years
Child sex guilty plea
Auxiliary Bishop Richard Garcia heads to Monterey to become only the second Latino to lead a California diocese
At Churches Set to Close, Faithful Dig In for Battle
Archdiocese: Gumbleton not forced out for condemning abuse
The following is the text of a recent affidavit made by Father Robert Hoatson, whose RICO lawsuit is being challenged by the pa
Bishop names accused priests
The Cardinal’s Sins
At Churches Set to Close, Faithful Dig In for Battle
Priest Defrocked Following Rape Conviction
Bishop Jakes Calls Churches to Protect Their Flock
Diocese settles sex-abuse case
Archdiocese plans to close small Chelsea grade school
Hawaii diocese settles to avoid sex-abuse trial
Bishop takes heat in abuse case
US child molester gets 152 years
No exemption from gay rights law
Hair and now, the day of judgment
Dog collar and whip 'is ethical therapy'
Tighten financial controls on U.S. parishes, add bishops’ oversight, lay experts urge
Biblical Blasphemy of Baptist Clergy Sex Abuse
Judge rules against S.D. diocese in 2 abuse cases
Diocese settles with six victims
Bishop: Appropriate steps taken
Some Dissenters Quit the Church But Don't Stop Being Catholic
Bishop takes heat in abuse case
Child mental illness soars
Albany diocese clears upstate Catholic priest of abuse charges
Liberia's child rape victims
Rape prosecutions 'must improve'
Bishop: Appropriate steps taken
Wife of imam tells of persistent abuse
Priest Accused Of Pinning Man During Sex Attack; Coverup Alleged
Priest Under Criminal Investigation, Diocese Under Fire
Bellevue report: Assistant pastor guilty of sex abuse against son
Clergy Abuse Developments, in Denmark and California, Regarding the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Catholic Church, and an Oscar-Nom
Diocese, lawyers agree to mediated settlements on abuse claims
Catholic clergy abuse lawsuit against Vatican can go ahead, judge rules
Parishioners not showing concern
Congregant protests 'secrecy' in priest investigation
Priest defrocked after rape conviction
Outspoken Catholic Pastor Replaced; He Says It’s Retaliation
Giving victims a voice
Catholic Diocese sets aside $12M for sex abuse claims
Bishop Richard Malone's statement regarding priests accused of sexual abuse
Church abuse-case actions opposed
Diocese reaches class action settlement in abuse cases
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