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Archdiocese seeking to remove a priest
Judge sends priest-abuse lawsuit to trial
Bishop reveals clergy abuse case
Blinded by faith? Long-secret documents reveal that Fort Worth bishop was aware of priest's troubled past
Child Sexual Abuse Amongst Church Clergy, 1990-2000
Texas judge releases 700 pages of clergy sex-abuse records
Catholic clergy use Internet blogging to discuss issues
Rendell signs broader laws on child sex abuse
Massachusetts to sue Big Dig companies, alleging negligence
Pedophile not listed on Web
Santa Rosa Bishop Opts for Counseling
Delaware bishop names priests
Documentary focuses on restoring trust ‘at the altar,’ in Catholic clergy
Miami archdiocese faces 2nd abuse suit
Some major settlements in Catholic clergy abuse cases
Christian schools cry poor
Advent is for abuse victims, diocese says
Victims target priests
Virginia commission on sexual violence holds first meeting
Blinded by faith? Long-secret documents reveal that Fort Worth bishop was aware of priest's troubled past
The accused
New allegation was omitted even as diocese made a change
ask search gldoz
Prominent Child Sex Abuse Attorney Blasts Chicago's Cardinal
A 'full disclosure' withheld key details
After second complaint, bishop removed priest
Unlocking the secrets of the Fort Worth Diocese
Are Baptist leaders doing enough about clergy sex-abuse revelations?
LA Archdiocese to Settle 45 Abuse Cases
Abuse by those in positions of trust sickening
For bishops, sex, lies and sealed records
Sex abuse by clergy affects all religions
Woman recalls 60-year-old episodes of clergy abuse
Deliver Us from Evil Director Amy Berg on the LA Archdiocese Payout
Another scandal?
Abuse past rebounds
Diocese target of sex abuse
Abuse victims warn Va. neighborhood about former Del. priest’s past
DPP takes dismissed case to highest court
Principal fired after police raid
Group: Probe of FW priest abuse allegations needed
Leading Orthodox Priest Charged with Sexual Exploitation, Alcohol Abuse
November 2006 listing
Child Porn Evidence Suppressed Against First Coast Pastor
November 2006 listing #2
GOVERNMENT POLICY Religion informs immigration debate
Catholic scandals speed victims' movement
Child Porn Evidence Suppressed Against First Coast Pastor
Sexual abuse and Catholic Church's civil liability
Courting the Catholic vote after the scandals
Legal fallout intensifies for Catholics, others
Resources for analyzing survey of Catholic clergy abuse
The Catholic Church faces new steps in dealing with scandal
Courting the Catholic vote after the scandals
Church vs. state: Whose law rules in Catholic sex crisis?
Woman Recalls Episodes of Clergy Abuse
Former nun gets settlement for abuse by priest
Settling to hide the truth
Group pushes probe of priests
Judge rejects request for recusal
Nun Abuse Case
Resources for analyzing survey of Catholic clergy abuse
November 2006 listing #3
Tucson priest is charged in sex abuse
Nun charged with abuse
Police look into abuse claims against priest
Priest testifies about alleged overnight stays
Affidavit claims pastor threatened to harm alleged abuse victim
Barksdale chaplain faces sex charges in Arizona
35 sex-abuse lawsuits filed, Chaput reports
Nun charged with indecent behavior
Archbishop fights legal motion in sex-abuse case
Indictment against nun in abuse case from 1960s
Catholic priest in Tucson diocese indicted on sex charges
Still angry at the church
conduct unbecoming a priest
She can't forgive Mahony's inaction
All signs point to bankruptcy settlement
Ex-Barksdale chaplain faces sex charges in Arizona
A question of faith
Victims of 2 Former Corpus Christi Priests to Be Compensated
Priests' victims are emboldened
Priest molestation case in hands of jury
Judge rules priest sex abuse documents should be public
Rape case officers face action
Bishops OK restructuring, sex abuse study funding, new statements
Most Blessed Sacrament Church: A Question of faith
'Frontline' to show Salem priest abuse story
The power of her fragile heart
N.Y. should join the 43 states that force clergy to report child abuse
Graph example
Public views shift on sex abuse of children Putting such stories on the front page helps remove stigma
Oregon judge announces mediated settlement to pay sex abuse claims
Gldoz form snapshot
Gldoz form 2
Breaking silence
Double Murder by Sexually Abusive Priest Gives Rise to New Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Priest names said not enough; Lawmakers seek longer statute of limitations
Ex-priest declines deal on charges in motel case
Portland archdiocese settles clergy abuse claims
Raise your glass to drunken bishops
Suspected pedophile priests ID'd
Insurers call for church records
Slain intern's family files suit against diocese
Defrocked LA priest to face new sexual abuse charges
Slain intern's family files suit against diocese
Insurers call for church records
TEENAGERS: Sometimes kids "really need help," Ridgefield parents told
More than mediation
James Ellison's parents file suit, allege Diocese was negligent
Springfield Diocese, insurers square off in court
What if you were abused?
Defrocked LA priest to face new molest charges, prosecutors say
New Study Shows Teens with 'Natural' Mentors Have Higher Sense of Self and Take More Positive Risks
Goldsmith v Tasmania [2006] TASSC 86 (1 November 2006)
Ex-church camp leader faces porn charges
Russell v The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Archdiocese of Sydney [2004] NSWIRComm 65 (1 June 2004)
Courage to heal a cancer of the soul
Jury selection begins in diocese sex abuse trial
Victims group targets gifts to church
It's suit vs. suit in priest case
A Report Card for 2006 on Efforts to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse
Orthodox Church 'stunned' by extent of financial abuse
Psychiatrist highlights flaws in church anti-paedophile plan
WEED THEM OUT - Church ventures into mind field to protect flock from evil
Tighter screening for Catholic priests
Church move welcomed
Application by John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd re MSK, MAK, MMK and MRK [2006] NSWCCA 386
FW diocese reveals another abuser
Letter to Pope Benedict - Waves of Sadness
Family sues Diocese of Superior, claiming wrongful death
Capuchins name priest accused of sex abuse
Insurers Seek Springfield, Mass. Church Documents on Sex Abuse
Two seek extension of statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases
Paedophiles, Cheb sex capital of Europe
'Cult' fights claims of child sacrifice
We don't sacrifice children
Groups settle row over website paedophile claims
Vatican refuses to endorse UN charter of disability rights
Pope's preacher calls for abuse penitence
Another View: Archdiocese mediation
Drop in sacrament is a double-edged sword
Archdiocese Settles With 16 Men for $1.3 Million
Jail sentence for Salvation Army paedophile
Death could have been avoided: Dad
Portland archdiocese files new bankruptcy plan reflecting $75M sex abuse settlement
Diocese In Compliance With Guidelines
Indian bishop attacked by extremists
Davenport Diocese to sell three properties soon
Experts Spar Over Practical, Theological Advice to Bishops
Should clergy confess? [clergy get low rating]
Catholic Church scandals reveal need for parish fiscal transparency
Swearingen decision draws protest
Priest Charged With Abusing Boys In Joliet
Ex-priest rejects offer on Hudson bat charge
Gaines' decision creates legal questions
Parish Profile: St. Joseph’s Church
Pastor in sex abuse lawsuit to step down
Charges against NN pastor dropped
Faith in priest was steadfast
Priests campaign to win back flock
Ireland - LOVE charity to be disbanded
Diocese settlement plan sidesteps justice, victims advocates say
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Archdiocese of Phila. seeks to remove a priest
Catholic Church Abuse Scandal - Yahoo
Fight to right legal bungle
The Christmas message of three unwise men
Five years later
The Boston Globe Spotlight Investigation Abuse in the Catholic Church
Roman Catholic sex abuse cases - Wikipedia
Outrage as child abuse ignored
Catholics report embezzlements
Cardinal Vidal pleads with clergy to change erring ways
Diocese sued for alleged abuse by priest
Study finds embezzlement a problem in many American Catholic dioceses
Drop in the use of sacrament is a double-edged sword
The Age of Intolerance: Its Consequences for America and the World
Catholic Dioceses Have Embezzlement Problem
Catholic Church Abuse Scandal
The New Inquisition - Season's Greetings from the Vatican
Child-sex accused allowed to teach
Jail sentence for Salvation Army paedophile
Brethren member guilty of indecently assaulting girl, 10
Orthodox church's insurer settles abuse claim
The so-called Lost Boy wants the FLDS leader to approve a reunion
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