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Melbourne priest "murdered, held satanic rituals"
Archbishop vows Church will learn from mistakes
Victims slam pedophile sentence -
Archbishop Pell refutes abuse charge
The most talked about Bishop in Australia's history.
Volunteers to help stamp out clergy abuse wanted
Priest abuse payout tops Boston record
Clergy Abuse Tracker USA
US Reports and links
A sample of the many important investigative reports on the USA crisis
Timeline of Documents and Commentary - USA - an amazing web page
Church faces record abuse payout
MATTERS OF PUBLIC INTEREST: Children: Sexual Assault Senate Hansard 19-June-2002 Page 2140
Queensland Government Actions to Compensate Survivors of Institutional Abuse: a critical and comparative evaluation
Limitation periods and child sexual abuse cases: Limitation periods and child sexual abuse cases:
Post-Ipp special limitation periods for cases of injury to a child by a parent or close associate: New jurisdictional gulfs
Ex-priest jailed for abusing altar boys
Catholic church moves on abuse
WOW a Miracle - Catholic Social Justice Commission
Knights of Columbus - does not comply with state law prohibiting discrimination
Why the church’s hierarchy isn’t working Andrew Greeley
102 Irish Priests Suspected of Abuse
Should liberals leave Catholic Church?
silenced a priest
Bacon move over abuse: Tough stand tipped on torrent of claims
Transcript: Loss of Faith - Part 1
Transcript: Loss of Faith - Part 2
Catholic enquiry commissioner to lead Brisbane Anglican probe
How a pedophile priest destroyed a boy's life - very successful outcome via Broken Rites
Rougher-than-usual justice - Court licensed abuse
Ballarat compensates US victims of another jailed priest
Forum for abuse victims - Warrnambool Times
Bishop's aid offer to victims
Spiritual Abuse by the Religious Right - Carolyn Baker
1 - Latest News results for 'clergy abuse australia'
2 - Latest News - 'clergy abuse'
Accusers in Wisconsin cannot sue archdiocese; those in California can
Fun With Sex Laws
Mass. House OKs stricter abuse laws
Priests hear from sex abuse victims
Sex abuse victims confront clergy
Group passes out leaflets at two Ames churches
Table of Accused Priests - February 21, 2006 Archdiocese of Dubuque
USA - Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
Essential Norms for Diocesan/Eparchial Policies Dealing with Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests or Deacons
A listing of those countries where Catholic clergy abuse has been reported
Liberals in DPP porn crisis
Where is the justice?
Let abuse victims’ voices be heard in court
Local Catholic Bishop Named in Unprecedented Child Molestation Lawsuit
Cardinal in Mexico accused of cover-up
Was Jesus Christ the founder of the longest surviving group of paedophiles in history
Mexico 'haven for pedophile priests'
'Earlier sexual abuse' reduces compo claim
Priests to listen to harm confrere inflicted
Separate Lives
Priests 'took US church millions'
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