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DVD Deposit
Californian bishop faces prosecution over failure to report
Catholic Bishops Served in Unprecedented Child Molestation Lawsuit
Malpractice - legal and medial malpactice - criteria
Salvadoran Church asks forgiveness for sex abuse
VOTF to host author Dwyer
Priest tied to abuse ran jobs program
First US Catholic Bishop To Be Dismissed From Unique Sex Abuse Case
Toddler beaten 81 times
Charged for child assault
Courage to heal a cancer of the soul
Recent cases show some dioceses still failing to report abuse
Santa Rosa bishop can get counseling in lieu of criminal charges
Man charged over child sex abuse
Judge overruled on reduced rape compo
Accused predator out on bail
Abuse scandal casts pall over Sunday Mass
"Witnesses Sought to Soul Murder..."
Former Ararat priest jailed
Sam's killer 'linked to other child deaths' - National - smh.com.au
The power of a single vote
Priest denies he lured boy for sex
School pays $1m to sex abuse victims
Bullied priests receive apology
Abuse accused fired
Children's home rape, indecency trial adjourns:[2 Edition]
Anglican confessions of child sex abuse to remain confidential
Priests to dob in child sex abusers
Dangerous to portray children as "sexual objects": Centacare
National child abuse response 'too slow'
Sex accused clergy granted bail
Teacher banned for improper sex talk
Accused clergymen to be extradited
Church lays the blame:[1 State Edition]
Orphan abuse anger
Church abuse compensation plans fail to appease victim
$145,000 payout for boy abused by church official
Priest 'abused teacher's trust'
Bishop admits collection money diverted to defend pedophile priest
Lone arm of the law
Monsignor defrocked
Pedophile priest jailed
How a pedophile priest destroyed a boy's life
Thomas Magnum, et al, Plaintiffs, vs. Archdiocese of Philadelphia, et al., Defendants -- Part 2
Defendants, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali, His Eminence Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and the
Defendants, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, His Eminence Cardinal Justin Rigali, His Eminence Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and the
Where are they?
Group seeks names of priests accused of abuse
Bennison Faces Presentment Charges
Lethal love triangle
Barbara Blaine and David Clohessy: Stop pedophile priests who are fleeing from justice
Punish abusers, but demand evidence: Cardinal Castrillon
City of Albany sued by leader of priest abuse victims group
Labor pair 'overpaid' in non-profit group
Diocese takes on anti-sex abuse course
Boys for Success Parent Survey
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Catholic judge to be asked to step aside
Canada 'dumping ground' for sex-abuser priests from U.S.
Abuse review panel seeks an additional member
Cornwall sex-abuse inquiry not 'truly public': journalist
Vatican Begins Witch Hunt for U.S. Gays
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Sins of omission
Priest gets 7 years for child porn
Priest Gets 7 Years for Child Porn
Former priest loses appeal against paedophilia jail term
Gainsford found guilty on 22 charges
Ex-clergyman convicted of molesting boy
Church `covered up' sex assaults
Church `covered up' sex assaults
Church's high debt for abuse
Surprise witness tells of seeing abuse:[2 Edition]
Priest admits fondling young Foley:[1 FIRST Edition]
Church juggles loans to pay abuse victims
Paying for sins
Facing up to past sins
Ex-Salvation Army man admits four sex charges
R v Griffin [2006] VSCA 60 (8 March 2006)
Child sex charges - Local priest faces court
The quest for meaning Religion shopping, cults and the price of faith
Gorgeous’ girl testifies to closed court on video
Former brother admits assaults
Sex predator: the priest who got away SINS OF THE FATHER
How the Church bought silence
Victim `paid to be silent'Church apology hollow claim
Primary school haven for sexual predators - THE PELL CRISIS
Primary school haven for sexual predators
Court cuts jail term for Christian Brother
Further complaints against jailed priest examined

A bishop names accused priests
Stop abuse by priests, victims ask
Bishop lists priests accused of sexually abusing minors
Study wastes parishioners’ money
All United States bishops served in Wisconsin sex abuse lawsuit
RE: Charges of sexual abuse questioned - John and Bob Forum
Utter OUTRAGE over little girl tortured in Mackay!!!
Orphanage compo vow
Judge reconsiders dismissal of sex-abuse charges
Clergy Sex Abuse - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Bill to help clergy sex-abuse victims heads to Senate
A Moral Blueprint for Our Times
Paying for sins
Church in Europe getting ready to fight clergy sex abuse
Delaware Diocese Names Names
Man files sex-abuse suit against priest
Vatican visit helps Moline man heal
Catholic edict keeps gays in the closet
Statutes of limitations don't help victims
Sex Abuse Crimes -- From a Distance . . .
Religion News in Brief
'is like convening a committee of Roman Catholic bishops to investigate the church's clergy sex-abuse scandal'
Catholic bishop accepts counseling, avoids possible charge for late reporting of clergy abuse
Fort Worth Bishop Apologizes For Abuse In Church
Truth will rebuild trust in the church
Wilmington Catholic diocese releases list of accused priests
Faith in the headlines - VOTF to meet
Ways to Witness
Child-sex priest 'in love'
Hudson Vicar Accused Of Sexually Abusing Minor
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Bishop didn't want to know more
Details about the accused priest
Priest abused me 20 years ago, man says
'Hand of God' screening
Parishioners shocked by allegation of priest misconduct
Hudson priest suspended following allegations of child sex abuse
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