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More anxiety for abused victims
Society glad Mahony has apologized
UCAN: Priest's formation is continuous, cardinal
Ronnie Polaneczky | Banished priests, roaming freely
Mexican cardinal facing abuse suit in U.S. gets support
Daniel Island targets child sexual abuse
Former Episcopal priest admits to sexual abuse
A former Hudson clergyman has been charged with unlawfully fondling another member of the clergy.
Priest's suicide linked to abuse scandal
Catholic crisis
Victims to church: identify abusive priests
Judge orders diocese to defend filing
Clergy sex-crime review completed
Marquette Diocese now requires attendance at child abuse prevention sessions
Lawsuit filed against Bay Area clergy
Sex-abuse lawsuit vs. church to proceed
More people come forward with allegations of abuse
Sex abuse cover up theory valid, says lawyer
Group attacks diocese's lawsuit in abuse case
Number of allegations rises against southern Indiana priest
Ruling allows trials to advance in clergy sex abuse
Episcopal priest admits to abuse in Skaneateles
No duty to report priests’ confessions of child abuse, official says
Priest becomes target of sex abuse allegation
Searching for a boy’s killer; Unpriestly acts prompt more calls for action
No easy way around sex
Woman files suit against Oakland diocese
Dominicans to Pay Man $1.2 Million in Lawsuit
Protestant clergy abuse difficult to document
Adults get abused, too
Support group reaches out to clergy abuse victims
Survivor: Clergy abuse exposure ensures children's safety
Clergy abuse viewed as isolated
Judge to allow San Diego clergy sex-abuse trials
Churches need to put policies in place to protect children
Federal bankruptcy judge orders San Diego clergy sex abuse trials
Sex abuse cover up theory valid, says lawyer
Diocese has paid $328,068 on abuse claims
Clergy Sex Abuse -
Priests not duty-bound to divulge content of confessions: lawyer
Judge pulls 42 abuse cases out of diocese's bankruptcy, into jury trials
Davenport diocese gets bankruptcy extension
Judge delays decision in church sex abuse case
Recent 'Disturbing' Clergy Sex Abuse & Cover Up Lawsuit Settled for $1.2 Million
Former Roman Catholic Priest in LA charged with Molestation
Judge Orders Trials in Church Suits
Abuse vicar is sacked by Church
Clergy: Dyess lacks mental therapy
Charges dropped against former school chaplain
Church Sex-Abuse Cases Ordered To Trial
. . . damage done
Sex abuse victim gets help for others
Young faces applied to old wounds
Churches protect predators while neglecting victims
Victims: Church should ID abusive priests on the Web
Judge to rule on how to assess value of claims in abuse cases
State Supreme Court throws out Vista sex abuse lawsuit
Prayer Service Offers Healing To Abuse Survivors
St. Ambrose University removes former bishop's name from library
Vatican attacks coverage of Italy sex abuse cases
Vatican diplomat: Church responded to crisis with courage
Former Fulton DFCS chief tells of abuse in book
Worst of sex-abuse litigation is over, experts say, though scars left behind
Clergy abuse scandal
Judge to rule on allowing sex-abuse trials in San Diego diocese
Archbishop adds to intransigence on Church sexual abuse
Black churches protect predators while neglecting victims
Mexican Cardinal Deposed in Abuse Case
RANDOM THOUGHTS: Special insurance for churches
Senate calls for child abuse commission
Child abuse statistics 'a disgrace'
Cardinal avoids testifying in U.S. sex abuse lawsuits
Hearing to begin in clergy sex abuse trial
Domestic abuse is unholy
Davenport diocese investigates priest
Clergy abuse support group to hold local meetings
Archbishop Wilson warns Adelaide priests on personal safety
More than 10 say late S. Indiana priest abused them
Prestige of clergy helped hide abuse
Attorney John Aretakis blasted in court by U.S. District Judge
Abuse prevention strengthened
Case of child molestation by a Jesuit elicits tough questions
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh settles sex abuse cases for $1.25M
Ex-officer's refusal to testify shocks Cornwall sex abuse hearing
Lawyer calls priest in sex abuse suit 'sociopathic'
Bishop facing threat of tribunal
Local Convent Had Prior Plans to Sell?
Head nun planned to sell Calif. convent before abuse settlement
Priest hit with assault charges
Domestic violence awareness
Acting bishop earns high marksActing bishop earns high marks
Church sex suits miss time limitation
Southern Baptists open hearings into clergy sexual abuse
Protecting our children and young people
Monument to Evil
Archdiocese Settles Lawsuit
Lawyers seek contempt of court order against O.C. bishop
Lawyers seek contempt of court order against O.C. bishop
Community of Jesus leader implicated in 1990s abuse probe
Police Investigating Sex Abuse Case At Encino Catholic School
Motion Filed to Hold Bishop in Contempt
Pope to speak at U.N. during spring visit to U.S.
Pro Bono Assignment on Behalf of Hurricane Katrina Client Leads to Sanctions
Brown abuse claim a mystery
Case of child molestation by a Jesuit elicits tough questions
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh settles sex abuse cases for $1.25M
Diocese resolves 32 priest abuse lawsuits
Pa. Catholic diocese sets up $1.25 mln abuse fund
Conference deals with child abuse
UMC Steps Up Sexual Misconduct Policy to Halt 'Disturbing Trend'
Alleged perv priest stalls trial
UMNS# 469-Agency forwards resolutions on pornography, sexual ethics
No GCC complaints yet OPP Police reviewing online allegations
Protesters confront Fresno Diocese officials
He fled a child sex-abuse case involving the Catholic Church in California. Now he's holed-up in Aurora. What is Msgr. Urell h
Lawsuit targets priest previously accused of sexual misconduct
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